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《二十世纪Hit Song 2021》 - 二十世纪初随着新式学堂的建立而兴起的歌唱文化是《二十世纪Hit Song》是在韩国音乐内容基础上,召唤和重新诠释old k-pop,缓解大众对新复古渴望的“新概念New-tro”音乐综艺。

前段时间hit fm热播的一首意大利那不勒斯舞曲 貌似是上世纪40年代的重新混音的 求歌名啊~~

Yolanda Be Cool--We No Speak Americano


我们生活在一个性是热门话题的世界中We live in a world where sex is a hot topic of discussion.性在广告It’s glorified in advertisements,电视节目 电影 电视剧中被美化了TV shows, movies and plays.性驱使着许多人Sex drives a lot of people,但是如果它不能驱使你呢?but what if it doesn’t drive you?如果它一直都不是你最先想到的事What if it’s not the number one thing on your mind all the time,那会让你变得奇怪吗?does that make you weird?不No.如果你体验到性吸引If you’re someone who experiences sexual attraction只是当你和对方有深厚的感情结合的时候only when you have a deep emotional connection with someone.那么你可能是半性恋者then you may identify as demisexual.你可能会问 等等You might be asking, wait,半性恋是一种性取向吗?is demisexuality a sexual orientation?它被认为是一个子集It is believed to be a subset属于个人身份的子集and add on to an individual’s identity.而不是一种性取向rather than being an individual sexual orientation.众所周知Sexual orientation as people see it性取向是哪种性别对你是否具有性吸引力is which gender you are sexually attracted to or not.半性恋是性吸引的一种体验方式Demisexuality is a way of experiencing sexual attraction.它是关于你想要怎样开始你的感情It being about how you want to go about your relationship而不是和谁建立一段感情rather than who you’d want to be in a relationship with.半性恋可能被认为是同性恋A demisexual can also identify as gay,异性恋或者双性恋straight or bisexual并且可能不会有性别偏好and may not have a gender preference当谈及性吸引时when it comes to sexual attraction许多人认为半性别恋者不是真的或者是无根据的Many argue that demisexuality isn’t real or valid,人们认为那是给想要寻求关注的人that it’s a made-up label for some to seek attention或者心灵脆弱的人编造的标签or feel like special snowflakes.标签并不完全正确或者毫无必要Labels may not be absolute or necessary,但是半性恋这个词描述了but the term demisexual is a descriptive word一种性吸引的模式for a certain pattern of Attraction帮助这些人更好的理解自己that gives demis more understanding of themselves,确定以及帮助他们找到同类人affirmation and help them find the community with people who can relate.在2012年 一位半性恋者Olivia Davis,写道:In 2012, Olivia Davis, a demisexual wrote,“半性恋是关于性欲和性的引起“ Demisexuality is about desire and arousal,不仅仅是性别以及你和谁做这件事not just sex and who you do it with.不只是说我有兴趣和我喜欢的人It’s not merely that I’m only interested in having sex做爱with people that I love.而且我对其他人完全没有欲望it’s also that I feel a complete absence of desire或者从来没有性欲or sexual feelings towards everyone else ever.那种缺失使我成为半性恋者What makes me demisexual is that absence.”这意味着当半性恋This means when a demisexual体会到性吸引或者性欲的时候experiences sexual attraction and desire.它只是对特别的人有效it is only towards the specific partner.每一个半性恋者的经历是不同的Every demisexual’s experiences is different,半性恋者对情感结合的需求the emotional bond demisexuals need for sexual attraction也因人而异also varies for everyone.这可能包括和一个人的熟悉程度It may include familiarity with a person和了解他人的个性and learning aspects of their personality.和某人建立一种情感结合并不能保证Forming an emotional bond with someone does not guarantee性吸引会随之而来that sexual attraction will happen.它仅仅是会发生性吸引的一个先决条件It is simply a prerequisite for it to occur at all.半性恋在人们的性征中Demisexuality is halfway介于无性恋和有性恋范围between the asexual and sexual spectrum of human sexuality半性恋经常被误认为选择那种方式Demisexuals are often mistaken as choosing to be that way来对抗与生俱来的取向as opposed to it being their innate orientation.半性恋不是一种行为模式Demisexuality is not a pattern of behavior,而是一种独特的性吸引模式but rather a distinct pattern of attraction.半性别恋不是选择放弃性欲Demisexuals are not choosing to abstain from sex,据说they are often said to他们体会不到别人的基本魅力experience no primary attraction towards anyone这意味着他们不会立刻就被外表which means no attraction towards the immediate outer appearance或者人的素质所吸引and qualities of a person.人们可能认为自己会被陌生人People may find themselves to be sexually attracted to strangers,不太了解的人或者名人有性方面的吸引力people they don’t know well or celebrities但是对于半性恋者but for demisexuals他们体会不到初始的性吸引they do not experience the initial sexual attraction无性恋和半性恋的区别在于The difference between an asexual and a demisexual半性恋体验的是二度吸引力is that demi sexual experiences secondary attraction即精神恋爱和感情结合which is mental and emotional,根植于建立一种更深的联系stemming from the establishment of a deeper connection.他们也许感到有性吸引力They may feel sexual attraction是在深入了解他人之后after getting to know someone on a deeper level并且发现是与内在有关and discovering that others value them for their intelligence而不是和外表有关with heart or any other attributes unrelated to looks不是真正了解半性恋的人People who don’t really understand demisexuality可能会给那些性致缺缺的人贴上标签may label those who show a little interest in sex如拘谨的人 或者害羞的 害怕亲密之类的标签as a prude or something similar like shy or someone afraid of intimacy.仅仅只是因为对陌生人没有性趣Just because someone isn’t interested in sex with strangers不会使他们不正常或者是一个拘谨的人does not make them abnormal or a prude,但是与此同时有些人会误以为半性恋but at the same time others might mistake demisexuals只会和他们爱的人有性行为as people who only have sex with those they love性吸引不等同于性行为Sexual attraction is not the same as sexual behavior,半性恋者可以和他们喜欢的人做爱demisexuals can choose to have sex with不管他们是否真的相爱whomever they please whether they love them or not.这并不会使他们倾向于或者偏离半性恋症it doesn’t make them more or less demisexual.许多非半性恋者选择和相爱的人发生性行为many non demisexuals choose to have sex with people they love并且这并不会让他们成为半性恋者and that does not make them demisexuality.半性恋是以你感受到的性吸引为基础的Demisexuality refers to the underlying sexual attraction you feel,你会对与你有情感共鸣的人有性方面的感觉sexual feelings directed towards a person that you share an emotional bond with.半性恋者是否要和他们发生性关系Whether the demisexual decides to have sex with them or not,和定义半性恋毫无关系has nothing to do with the definition of demisexuality.许多半性恋者对调情的想法感到不舒服a lot of demisexuals get uncomfortable with the idea of flirting并且可能认为这是毫无意义的and may think it to be pointless.半性恋者仍然可以选择Demisexuals can still choose to engage in有婚前性行为或者普通的性事premarital or casual sex许多人都是这样做的and many do虽然这要求真诚 开放 情感结合though it is trust openness and emotional connection半性恋也可以做到这些that really gets demisexuals going半性恋者可能不会像在酒吧里和别人调情Demisexuals may not like the thought of flirting at a bar,得到别人的联系方式getting someone’s number和陌生人一起离开 之后变得亲密起来and then leaving with a stranger and being intimate with them.相反 半性恋者理想中的美好夜晚A demisexuals idea of a fun night是在和朋友聊天 跳舞中度过的might instead be to spend time with friends talking, dancing享受彼此陪伴的时光and enjoying each others company.半性恋者可能会感到沮丧Demisexuals may feel frustrated当人们倾向于高估自己对他们的兴趣with people’s tendency to overestimate their interest in them也会生气于人们不能正常的和自己交流and feel annoyed that they can not just talk to them normally,当没有其他人和他们调情时without having others hit on them.许多半性恋者可能会出于这些原因Many demisexuals may choose to avoid situations避开大型活动或者酒吧等环境like big parties or club scenes for that reason.他们可能会觉得和亲密的朋友在一起更舒服They might feel more comfortable in dating close friends因为普通的约会无法吸引他们as casual dating doesn’t appeal to them.他们很好奇为何第一次约会就能发生性关系and they may wonder how others have sex on the first date或者是和刚刚见面的人做这种事or have sex with someone they just met.另一个关于半性恋常见的误解就是Another common misconception of demisexuals might be他们从未发现其他人的魅力之处that they don’t find anyone attractive ever.半性恋者可能不会只看对方身材火辣Demisexuals may not just see someone as physically hot基于外表排定吸引力顺序and rate their attraction to someone based off of their appearance.这是概念延伸的第一点This is an extension of point 1,半性恋者对于吸引力的看法the way demisexuals think about attractiveness似乎与其他人的看法不同seem to be different from how others think about it一个人的吸引力特质在于他自己Someone’s attractive nature is found within for them,个人的外表起的作用很小physical appearance plays a very small如果没有吸引别人的内在品质if not non-existent role in what draws them to someone.当人们谈到激情 名利 性爱When peers talk about crushes, celebrities, and sex,半性恋者可能会发现这些与他无关the demisexuals may find themselves a bit disconnected.许多非无性恋的人们Most people on the non-asexual side of the spectrum觉得有性吸引力feel sexual attraction不管是否和对方有紧密的情感结合whether or not they have a close emotional bond with someone他们可能会对同学They may have sexual feelings for attractive classmates,同事 街上的陌生人 名人 朋友的朋友都有性趣co-workers,people on the street, celebrities, friends of friends,然而他们会等到合适的时候再发生性关系however they may choose to wait to have sex原因是这违背了他们的宗教信仰for reasons like it being against their religious beliefs或者是想确定对方是友好的 值得尊敬的 等等or wanting to make sure the other person is kind and respectful etc.半性恋者则不同It’s different for demis,他们完全不会以这些性方面的感觉开始一段感情they won’t start out with these sexual feelings at all他们得先了解别人they’d have to know more about the other person感知到更深的羁绊to feel like there is a deeper level of connection每个人都有他们个人的经历Everyone has their individualized experiences,使得我们每个人都是独一无二的making us different and unique.半性恋只是个人身份的一个子集Demisexuality is only one subset of an individual’s identity.如果一个名词可以帮助他们更好的理解自己If a term helps others understand themselves better并且不会伤害别人and does not harm to anyone else,它就是正当的 也是有必要的it is as valid as it needs to be.如果你能丢掉标签 只做你自己if you’d rather ditch labels and just be yourself你会获得更多的力量all the more power to you,你是否是一个半性恋者whether or not you are identified as a demisexual我们期望你能敞开心胸we ask you to keep an open mind.允许他们做自己Allow others to be themselves让他们无论去哪都能携带完整的灵魂and bring their full selves with them everywhere they go.我们都是人We’re all human无论我们如何感受都是正常的and whatever we feel or do not feel is valid.谢谢观看Thank you for watching,请在评论下方和我们交流let us know in the comments如果你之前也听说过性方面的事情if you have heard of peppy sexuality before你学到新知识了吗?Did you learn something new?我们先前做了有关10种性征的视频We have done a previous video on 10 types of sexualities,也请观看相关的视频so feel free to check that out too.别忘记订阅频道And don’t forget to hit the subscribe button获得更多更新的视频along with the bell to get notified of new videos.谢谢你的支持 我们下次再见Thank you for your support and until next time.各位父老乡亲们 你们好Hello,friends and neighbors,我的名字是Christian Versamy name is Christian Versa我制作了这个动画的音乐and i did the animation music for this video非常感谢你们观看这个视频I would like to thank you guys so much for watching.非常荣幸It makes me so proud可以看到你们在YouTube上面的评论to see all your comments on youtube我们尽自己最大的努力开展讨论We’re trying our absolute best to start conversations和带来心理意识的话题and bring awareness certain psychological topics如果你想要观看更多的视频If you’d like to see more of our videos,那么我的朋友 这说明你there’s one about signs that you, my friend是非常有眼光 它们将会在这周上传are a good catch that should be uploaded this week,或者已经上传了 不管如何or maybe it was already uploaded, either way,是非常愉快的视频it’s a super fun watch.一如既往 谢谢观看 再见And as always, thank you so 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